Match Report
Sutton High School Girls-U11A vs  St Christopher's The Hall
On: Wednesday, 30 Jan 2019
Venue: at Home

A tough compettion but some excellent performances seen that will help when we face them again in March.

Special mention to the following girls:

U8 A&B Backstroke 25m 2nd Lily H
U10 A&B Backstroke 25m 2nd Mausam
U11 A&B Backstroke 25m 2nd Florence
U8 A&B Breaststroke 25m 2nd Alice
U10 A&B Breaststroke 25m 2nd Ellie K
U8 A&B Frontcrawl 25m 2nd Katie H 1st Nandini
U9 A&B Frontcrawl 25m 1st Tharini
U11 A&B Butterfly 25m 2nd Niamh
U8 A&B Frontcrawl 2 25m 1st Eva H-L
U9 A&B Frontcrawl 2 25m 2nd Laura S
U11 A&B Frontcrawl 25m 1st Issy K